How can I sign up to the Marseille Cassis ?

The registration will start from March 10, 2020

Registration for Marseille-Cassis 2020 ... Kick-off on Tuesday 10 March

The 42nd edition of Marseille-Cassis will take place on Sunday 25 October and this year you will again be 20,000 runners to link Marseille to Cassis.

To get your bib, you will have several sessions to register from March 10:

  • 1 session for group registrations (reserved for companies, associations and sports clubs)
  • 1 session for license holders of the French Athletics Federation
  • 1 session for individual registrations

A maximum number of bibs will be defined for each session. Once the quota is reached, the current session will be closed and you will have to register for the next session. Final closing of 2020 registrations at the end of the session on March 26 :

  • Registration for groups - Tuesday March 10, 2020 at 10:00 am

Group procedure info

  • Registration for license holders of the French Athletics Federation - From Wednesday March 11 at 10:00 a.m. to Thursday March 12, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.
    • Session for license holders of the French Athletics Federation limited to 1500 places and at the exceptional price of 48 € (excluding options and management fees)
    • Mandatory entry of the FFA 2020-2021 license number when registering online
  • Individual registrations open the Thursdays March 12, 2020 at 12:00 p.m.

  • In 2020, run in solidarity by supporting the ODP, the Work of Orphan Pupils and the Mutual Aid Fund of the Firemen of France
    • Marseille-Cassis wished, from 2020, to engage in the solidarity race and to highlight each year a big different national charitable cause, from the opening of its registrations until the day of the race.
    • This year, Marseille-Cassis is supporting the ODP, the Work of Orphan Pupilles and Fonds d'Entraide des Sapeurs-Pompiers de France which comes to the aid of orphans of Firefighters whose relative has died and the families of Firefighters in need.
    • To support the association, you will be offered, for the first time in the context of online registrations, to optionally support the cause by making a donation of € 15 during your individual online registration.
    • The last 1500 individual registrations will be offered for sale at a rate of € 65, of which € 15 will be directly paid to the ODP.

Learn more about the ODP

  • Unit price for group and individual registration : € ​​50 (excluding options and management fees)
  • Unit price for the last 1500 individual registrations : € 65 (excluding options and management fees)


  • When registering individually, subscribe to the "J'aime Courir Pass Event" for € 8 and benefit from:
    • Your cancellation insurance for the race in the event of a physical problem
    • Your personalized training plan produced by the running coaches of the French Athletics Federation

* Offer reserved for people who do not have a valid FFA license or annual "J'aime Courir Pass Event", these benefits are already included in the current FFA membership

The "J'aime Courir Pass Event" will be available for purchase as an option on the online registration form

To register, go to the "REGISTRATION" page

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