Buy and sell your bib

You are individually registered and can not longer participate to Marseille-Cassis ou you couldn't get you bib during registration period, we suggest to you only official options to give an answer to your need.


You couldn't get your bib and want to participate to Marseille-Cassis 2022 ? You will be able to buy one of bib put in sale on the official platform. Registration will become at your name !

  • Bib repurchase will be available after the closing of individual registrations until 09th October which will be online during the first quarter of 2022.


You can not longer participate to Marseille-Cassis 2022 ? Two options are suggested to : sale or trade your bib. 

  • After the closing of individual registrations, you will be able to access at the official bib resale platform of Marseille-Cassis which will allows you to put back in sale your bib and officially unsubscribe yourself of the race. Resale is opened until October 02nd 2022


  • You will be able, after the closing of individual registrations, to officially trade your bib with someone of your acquaintance from your personnal registration account. Service billed to the person selling his bib.
  • Transfer is opened until October 09th 2022.

  • Each bibs trade, resale or repurchase process are secured and reserved exclusively for individually registered runners.
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