Preferential sas

Preferential SAS and proof of performance

You have the possibility to request access to a preferential SAS at the start of the race: less than 1h20, less than 1h30 and less than 1h45.

  • Any request for access to a preferential SAS must be made after validation of your registration and imperatively before October 17, 2022
  • To apply, you must log in to your rider account and attach a proof of performance by load before October 16, 2023

Access to my Rider Account

  • The proof must strictly comply with the performance schedule presented below. Any request from SAS whose proof will not be in accordance with the scale will be rejected.
  • The justifying performance of the allocation of the preferential SAS must be made between September 1st, 2022 and October 16, 2023 according to the scale defined in the table below.
  • Acceptance after examination of the proof of performance and subject to availability of places
  • Your proof must be legible, in the format: PDF, or image (jpg, gif, png, tif, jpeg) and less than 2 MB (2 MB = 2,000 KB)
  • Example of proof: Official race certificate, copy of the FFA athlete file, extraction of FFA ranking or company

Scales of time receipts in order to access preferential SAS

SAS OF LESS THAN 1H20' 37'30'' 1H20'00'' 1H24'00'' 3H03'00''
SAS OF LESS THAN 1H30' 41'20" 1H30'00'' 1H35'00'' 3H25'00''
SAS OF LESS THAN 1H45'' 49'00" 1H45'00'' 1H50'00'' 3H50'00''
  • ATTENTION: The performances realized on races of type trail will not be admitted as justifying

In the event of changes in race conditions for health and / or security reasons, the preferential SAS, exclusively awarded on proof of performance, and the associated wave starts may be canceled for the smooth running of the race.

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