Marseille - Cassis - Regulations 2023

Article 1 :

The 44th edition of Marseille-Cassis is organized on 29th of October 2023 by the SCO Sainte Marguerite in Marseille.

Article 2 :

It is expressly stated that runners compete in the race under their own responsibility. The sale of the bib is strictly prohibited. This absolves the responsibility of the organization in case of accidents suffered or caused by this third party during the event. In an accident, the seller and the buyer of the bib will eventually see their responsibility sought. The agent of enrollment management on behalf of a group must inform the participants of the contents of the rules of the race, the race number of the assignment clause and may eventually accident, held responsible sought.

Article 3 :

It is strictly forbidden to run without bib and / or photocopied and / or a bib with a previous edition bib. Any offender liable and the organization would be held responsible for accidents suffered or caused by the third party. Moreover, the original runner bib holder that would have made the copy object (s) will be systematically downgraded and the organization reserves the right to take legal action against him.

Article 4 :

Civil liability : in accordance with the law, the organizers have taken out insurance covering the consequences of their civil liability, that of their employees and of all participants in Marseille-Cassis with the MAIF in Niort N °. 1806984H.

Individual accident : Unlicensed participants are strongly advised to take out an individual accident insurance policy.

We remind you that the organization is not responsible for the locker bags or their contents. It is up to each competitor to take the necessary measures to preserve their personal effects (waterproof bag, especially in the event of rain).

Article 5 :

The organization reserves the right to cancel or end the event either at the request of the competent administrative authority or in the event of force majeure (inclement weather, sanitary reason of the pandemic or epidemic type, security reason, public order, etc. .). Only in this case, the refund of participants who request it from the organization according to the procedure put in place will be up to a maximum of 75% of the amount of registration fees (excluding non-refundable options).

Apart from the cancellation of the race in the event of force majeure mentioned above, the participant will not be able to claim any refund or any compensation.

Article 6 :

All commitments are firm and final. Multiple registrations by the same person are prohibited. No refunds will be made and additional bibs will not be distributed.

Article 7 :

The race is open to licensed and non licensed riders born in 2005 or before. The age categories will be given a separate classification.

Article 8 :

The race is open to disabled riders except for wheelchairs. The registration to the race and the presentation of the medical certificate or license are mandatory for all participants (disabled and guide).

Article 9 : 

According to FFA regulation : paragraph II-A-4, the participation to the race is subject to mandatory presentation by participants of : A 2023-2024 license issued by the FFA valid at the event's date, "Athlé Compétition", or "Athlé Entreprise", or "Athlé running" (Warning : "Athlé Santé" or "Athlé Encadrement" licenses are not accepted); OR a "Pass J'aime Courir" issued by the FFA and completed by the doctor, valid at the event's date; OR a sports license, valid at the date of the event, issued by a Federation only certified (such as the FSGT, FSPN etc ...), on which must appear, the no contraindication for the practice of sport in competition, athletics in competition or running in competition; OR a medical certificate attesting your ability for the practice of "sport in competition" or "Athletics in competition" or "running in competition", dating from less than a year to the date of the competition. Foreign participants are required to provide a medical certificate allowing the practice of competitive sport, competitive athletics or running in competition, even if they are licensed for competition issued by an IAAF affiliated federation. No other document can be accepted to attest to the possession of the medical certificate.

Article 10 :

In the event of changes in race conditions for health and / or security reasons, the preferential SAS, exclusively awarded on proof of performance, and the associated wave starts may be canceled for the smooth running of the race.

Article 11 :

Bibs can be obtained on presentation of an ID, confirmation of registration and the medical certificate or sporting license under Article 9 of the race rules. No bib will be given the day of the race.

Article 12 :

The race number must be entirely visible during the race. In the absence of visible number, the participant may be disqualified.

Article 13 : 

Cleanliness areas are set up by the organization. These zones are located at the aid stations and are marked at the start and end of the zone. Anyone who does not respect these areas is liable to disqualification.

Article 14 :

Road safety is ensured by the National Police and the Gendarmerie, the medical service by the fire brigade and the battalion of Fire Marine. Any doctor in the organization may decide to disqualify a competitor for medical reasons.

Article 15 :

Participants will have a maximum time of 1h30 to pass the Col de la Gineste and 3h to complete the entire route from the start of the last wave. After the passage of the end's vehicle of the race, the competitors will not be able to be classified and will have to conform to the rules of traffic regulations. A maximum time limit for crossing the Jean-Jacques Bontoux roundabout in Cassis, at the bottom of the Gineste road, will be set at 12.45 pm after which the competitors will definitely not be able to take the final route.

Article 16 :

Bicycles, roller gear and / or motor is strictly forbidden on the course. Chaperones or followers are prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification of the athlete.

Article 17 :

The competitor authorizes the organizers and their beneficiaries, such as partners and media to use images or videos on which it may appear, taken during their participation at the Marseille-Cassis, in all media, there including promotional materials and / or advertising in the world and for the longest period provided by law, regulations, treaties in force.

Article 18 :

For the purposes of the race, the organizer can send you by email practical information about the race and your registration.

Article 19 :

You can ask not to appear in the results and the year of the race by sending your request by mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the organizers: SCO Ste Marguerite / Marseille-Cassis, 1, Bd de la Pugette - 13009 Marseille.

Article 20 :

Any competitor acknowledges having read these rules and accepting all the clauses. He undertakes on his honor not to anticipate the start and to run through the full distance before crossing the finish line.

Article 21:

These rules are established in accordance with the rules of non-stadium races.

Specific regulations of riders handisport

For security reasons regarding the profile of the Marseille-Cassis race, the participation of wheelchair athletes is not allowed. Runners reporting another form of disability are not affected by these measures. To ensure their safety and facilitate their departure, the organization asks disabled riders allowed to participate to be known during their registration by mentioning their disability.

A blind athlete can only benefit from one guide and are inseparable. Registration is mandatory for the rider and his guide. Ensuring the safety of all participants during the event, the organization is forced to make these arrangements and remains assured of the understanding of all.

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