Practical Information

    Start of the race - Sunday 30th octobre 2022


    • Information updated regularly and likely to change in the coming months

    In order to take part in the race, each runner will have to comply with the sanitary measures that will be put in place by the organisation (sanitary pass, wearing a mask at the start, respecting sanitary measures and rules, ...)

    Wearing a mask will be compulsory throughout the race, from the filtering point to access the start until the start line. At the start of your wave, you can throw your mask in the recycling bins provided for this purpose. A mask will be given to you at the finish line and must be worn throughout the organisation. 

    The start of the race will be given on Sunday 30 October 2022 at 8.30 am on the boulevard Michelet (Marseille) near the Orange Velodrome.


    • Access to the starting line will be exclusively through Gate C of the Parc Chanot, located on rue Raymond Teisseire, then through the Allées Ray Grassi for the preferential SAS and the esplanade Jean Bouin for the "General Public" SAS. No other access to the start will be allowed.
    • Wearing a mask will be compulsory in all the start area.
    • Please note that access will not be possible via the Rond-Point du Prado or any other location.
    • Sanitary facilities will be available before the access to the start area, near the Orange Velodrome or in your SAS. 
    • The bracelet given to you when you collect your race number, certifying that your sanitary pass is valid until 2pm on race day, must be presented at the entrance to the start area.
      Runners who have presented a PCR or antigenic test that is no longer valid on race day will have to present a valid Health Pass again (on smartphone or paper with a QR Code) at the entrance to Gate C. 
    • A security check and search will also be carried out before entering the area.
    • Water bottles and hydration bags will be allowed.
    • Disguises will be authorised provided that the runners' faces are visible in their entirety and that the chosen disguise allows for rapid palpation by the security agents.


      • The cloakroom bags can be deposited in the trucks provided for this purpose and located after the passage through Gate C in the Parc Chanot. You will be given a numbered sticker on your bag and on your race number to collect your cloakroom bag at the Cassis finish.
        Please note that only the transparent cloakroom bags given in the Village Expo will be accepted in the organisation's trucks.
      • Cloakroom bags will be deposited from 6.30 am and before 7.30 am. 


      • The runners with a preferential SAS of -1h20, -1h30, -1h45, will access the starting line located on the Boulevard Michelet by taking the Allée Ray Grassi located on the right of the Orange Vélodrome and giving access to the parvis Jean Bouin.
      • Runners holding the SAS "GRAND PUBLIC" will take the route up to the Jean Bouin forecourt of the Orange Vélodrome and will be positioned in the SAS waiting area at the foot of the forecourt. 
        Access to the preferential SAS (-1h20, -1h30, -1h45) at the latest at 8H00. Latecomers will leave in the following SAS
      • At 8.30 am the race will start with the 1st wave, made up of the Elite runners and the preferential SAS
      • The SAS "GENERAL PUBLIC" will be separated into several waves. The 1st wave "GENERAL PUBLIC" will start a few minutes after the first wave. The following waves, made up of 3,000 people, will leave progressively. The time of the runners will be established on the basis of the real time triggered individually when each participant passes under the starting arch.



      • In order to respect a sanitary protocol reassuring for all, the refreshment points on the course will be adapted and the food will be removed. The water distribution will be maintained on each point.
      • We invite you to make your personal and individual arrangements to feed yourself during the race.

      Runners will have 3 refreshment stations on the course as well as a refreshment bag at the finish.

      • 5th kilometer : Rond Point de Luminy
      • 10th kilometer : Col de la Gineste
      • 15th kilometer : Bois Joli

      At each refreshment station, clean areas will be set up and in which you will be invited to throw away your bottles and your eventual waste.

      At the finish line, after the water distribution area, each participant will receive an individual supply bag with everything needed to regain strength and a mask to wear in the finish area.


      THE ARRIVAL OF THE RACE - Sunday 30th october 2022

      • The finish is located in the upper part of Cassis in the heart of the Provence vineyards - Avenue des Albizzi.
      • After the finish line, you will be able to collect your "Finisher" medal and your individual supply bag in which you will also be given a mask to wear in the finish area.
      • The changing bags left at the start will be redistributed at the finish on the Avenue Foch.
      • For the smooth running of the finish, each runner must comply with the sanitary measures that will be put in place by the organisation.



      • Find below the instructions for the 2022 race in which are listed all the practical information before, during and after the race:



      • All the details concerning traffic and parking are communicated on the page Traffic and parking.
      • Traffic and Parking 


      • Runners" coach service and TER transport - See the dedicated section:



      • Awards ceremony for the winners at the finish - Avenue des Albizzi, Cassis (schedule to be announced soon) 

      Results & Diploma

      • Full report and results in the Provence newspaper on Monday October 31, 2022
      • The 2022 results will be broadcasted live during the race with time at intermediate points (5th, 10th and 15th km) 
      • In the meantime, you can consult the 2021 results, download your diploma and view the archives of the Marseille-Cassis results since 2000.
      • Results 2021 online - Click here


      With find your photos after the race!

      Find, from Monday, November 1st the pictures of the race, in the tab "Results of the race" or click here

      Loading of Medical certificates

      • The module for loading medical certicates and performance will be activated from 22nd march.
      • You can achieve the process from the rubric "Am I registered ?" by accessing at you personal registration form.
      • Loading of the certificates online until 26th october

      Preferential areas and proof of performance

      • You have the possibility to request for an access to a preferential area at the start of the race : less than 1h20, less than 1h30 and less than 1h45.
      • Every request to access to a preferential area must be done imperatively during the process of registration.
      • Once your request is registered, you have until 10th October 2022 to download your proof of performance via your Marseille-Cassis account reachable from the rubric "Am I registered ?".
      • ATTENTION : even if you ask for an area, you don't have the garantee to access it. Your place will be validated once your proof downloaded and within the limit of available places.
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