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Race instructions 2020

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Withdrawal of the bibs - 23th and 24th october 2020

Start of the race - Sunday 25th octobre 2020

Access to the start ligne and deposit of the cloakroom bags.

  • ATTENTION: access to the start ligne from 6h30 only through the mandatory filter point via  rue Raymond Teisseire  – Métro Ligne 2 – Ste Marguerite / Dromel - Search and control of cloakroom bags and bibs will be done for each runner.
  • No access possible by the Rond Point du Prado or any other place.
  • ATTENTION : Closure of the access area to the start ligne at 9h00.
  • Take a look on the access map to the start ligne
  • The wearing of the bib on the chest is mandatory and waistband, bottle-holders and camel bags (hydratation bags) will be authorized but will have to be empty at the control point and the access of start ligne. A water filling system will be established by  Eau de Marseille Métropole on the start ligne area after control at the entrance of the Orange Vélodrome on the forecourt Ganay.
  • The deposit of cloakroom bags will be on Rue Raymond Teisseire of front of the Palais des Sports. Only transparent cloakroom bags provided by the organisation during the withdrawal of the bibs will be accepted. No personal bag can be bring on the runners area. Motocyble helmet won't be accepted too.
  • Disguises will be allowed provided that the runners face are visible in its entirety and the disguises choosed allows fast palpation by security guards.
  • NEW: This year, deposit of the cloakroom bags at Aubagne. Be careful, departure of the trucks from Marseille at 8h00.

Start by waves

  • ACCESS TO THE START LIGNE AND TO THE DIFFERENTS AREAS after passage in the Orange Vélodrome
  • At the exit of the stadium, on Allée Ray Grassi : 1/ Runners benefiting a preferential area of -1h20, -1h30, -1h45, will access to the starting ligne located on the Boulevard Michelet taking the Alée Ray Grassi on the right of the Orange Velodrome giving access on the forecourt Jean Bouin. 2/ Runners benefiting a preferential area of -2h00, -2h15, 2h15 and more will take the left route taking position on the waiting areas on the forecourt Jean Bouin.
  • Access to preferential areas (-1h20, -1h30, -1h45) no later than 8h30. The latecomers will starts in the following passages.
  • At 9h00 the start of the race will be given and the 1st wave, incorporated of Élites runners and preferential areas, will launch to the assault of the Gineste.
  • The second wave will start in a lapse of time of 3 minutes after the first one. The following waves will start every 8 minutes. The time of the runners will be established on the real time base triggered individually during the passage of each runner under the starting arch.
  • More details on the start map below :

The arrival of the race - Sunday 25th october 2020


  • Since the last year, the arrival is located on the uplands of the Cassis' township inside the Provence's vines.
  • After you arrive, reclamation of your medal « Finisher », food supplies in individuals bags and reclamation of your cloakroom bags on the Avenue Foch.

Trafic and parking for vehicles near Cassis

Parking / Cassis


  • Parking authorized from friday 23th october to sunday 7h45
  • Parking closed from 8h00 to 14h00 sunday 25th october. No vehicles will be able to leave.

Route de Carnoux

  • Parking of the audience authorized on the route de Carnoux, above the Mussuguet, on both sides of the roadway, in the direction of the traffic.
  • Parking prohibited in the middle of the roadway.
  • No parking authorized on the road starting from Rochefort and Bellefille which will be closed to the traffic from 5h30.
  • ATTENTION : Parking at another place, apart from downtown's parking, vehicles will be placed in pound.

Trafic / Cassis

  • A specific traffic device is set up on the day of the race in and around Cassis
  • To download the map to consult all the information about access and trafic, click HERE

Bus "runners" Go - Sunday 25th october 2020

From Cassis to Marseille, continuously from 5h45 to 7h45 :

  • START OF THE SUTTLES / Cassis - Below the parking des Gorguettes and below the avenue Foch
  • DEPOSIT OF THE RUNNERS / Marseille - At the corner of avenue Cantini and boulevard Rabatau

From Aubagne to Marseille (recommended), continuously from 5h45 to 7h45 :

  • START OF THE SUTTLES / Aubagne - Parking Nord Auchan Aubagne, next to « Drive Auchan »
  • DEPOSIT OF THE RUNNERS / Marseille - At the corner of avenue Cantini and boulevard Rabatau

Bus are reserved for runners. The presentation of the bib is mandatory to access inside the bus !

Bus "runners" Back - Sunday 25th october 2020

From Cassis to Marseille or Aubagne.

Continuously between 11h30 and 15h  and then, every 30 minutes until 18h :

  • START OF THE SUTTLES / Cassis - From below the avenue Foch
  • Marseille - At the corner of avenue Cantini and boulevard Rabatau
  • Aubagne - Parking Nord Auchan Aubagne, next to « Drive Auchan »

Bus are reserved for runners. The presentation of the bib is mandatory to access inside the bus !

Travel in TER between Marseille and Cassis

In partnership with the Conseil Régional Provence-Alpes-Côtes d'Azur and the SNCF, Marseille-Cassis suggest to runners as well as accompanists and spectator to circulate freely, at particulary advantageous conditions, between the stations of Marseille Saint-Charles and Cassis on the day of the race, sunday 25th october, as part of a reinforced TER device.

  • Detailed information are coming soon

Awards - Sunday 25th october 2020

  • Awards ceremony from 14h30 at the Oustaou Calendal, Cassis

Results - Sunday 25th october 2020

  • Public display from 14h30 - Cassis' Beach
  • Report and complet results in La Provence of monday 26th october 2020
  • Results 2019 online - Click here

Shuttle Airport <-> Marseille's Center

  • Runs every day from the Marseille-Provence's airport (24h/24h)
  • Frequent passages
  • More information

Loading of Medical certificates

  • The module for loading medical certicates and performance will be activated from 20th march.
  • You can achieve the process from the rubric "Am I registered ?" by accessing at you personal registration form.
  • Loading of the certificates online until 18 october

Preferential areas and proof of performance

  • You have the possibility to request for an access to a preferential area at the start of the race : less than 1h20, less than 1h30 and less than 1h45.
  • Every request to access to a preferential area must be done imperatively during the process of registration.
  • Once your request is registered, you have until 9th October 2020 to download your proof of performance via your Marseille-Cassis account reachable from the rubric "Am I registered ?".
  • ATTENTION : even if you ask for an area, you don't have the garantee to access it. Your place will be validated once your proof downloaded and within the limit of available places.
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