1. How to sign up as a group ?

Group registration (clubs or companies) will take place on March 1st at 10:00 am exclusively online on the website / "Registrations"

Tuesday, March 1st  from 10:00 am - Sign on the Marseille-Cassis official website

1 / Login on the official website of Marseille-Cassis from 10am:

  • Click on "GROUP ENTRIES", then fill in all informations fields, specify the number of bibs (Min: 10 / Max: 100 riders) and confirm.

2 / After validation of your registration data, print the summary information to include with your payment.

3 / Payment by check or bank transfer must be received imperatively within 8 days (from the date of registration) made payable to the SCO Sainte Marguerite and sent to the following address:

SCO Sainte Marguerite - 1 bd of Pugette - 13009 Marseille

CAUTION : If we don't receive your payment in the time limit, your reservation will be completely canceled.


  • Prior to your booking, please have this following information, which is required : Group Name / Mailing Address / Responsible Name / Phone / Fax / Phone / Email / Name and address of billing service / SIRET number / Number of bibs
  • At the same time, we invite you to make the necessary arrangements in your group for the payment: the 2022 registration fee is 60 € per person.
  • The final acceptance of your registration will be communicated by email and you will receive by email the instructions to access the online entry platform as of April 15, 2022.

Further information

We remind you below of some modalities to which you will be submitted after definitive registration of your group.

BIB / PREFERENTIAL SAS OF « –1h20 », « -1h30 »ou « -1h45 »

  • Preferential SAS requests must be made when registering the runner of your team on the internet and imperatively before October 10, 2022
  • To validate the application, you will have to log on the rider's card and attach a proof of performance before 10 October 2022 by uploading online. No sending of proof of performance by email will be taken into account.
  • The proof must strictly comply with the performance schedule presented below. Any request from SAS whose proof will not be confirmed with the scale will be rejected and the rider concerned will be given a normal bib.
  • The performance justifying the allocation of the preferential SAS will have to be carried out on race between 1 September 2021 and 9 October 2022 or Marseille-Cassis 2021.
  • Acceptance after examination of the proof of performance and subject to the availability of places
  • The proof must be legible, in the format: PDF, or image (jpg, gif, png, tif, jpeg) and less than 2 MB (2 MB = 2,000 KB)
  • Example of proof: Official race certificate, ...

Scales of time receipts in order to access preferential SAS :

SAS OF LESS THAN 1H20' 36'00'' 1H20'00'' 1H24'00'' 3H03'00''
SAS OF LESS THAN 1H30' X 1H30'00'' 1H35'00'' 3H25'00''
SAS OF LESS THAN 1H45'' X 1H45'00'' 1H50'00'' 3H50'00''

    CAUTION : The performances realized on trail type of races will not be admitted as justifying.

    Race Bibs Pick-Up 

    The bibs will be picked up at the "Village Expo" on October 29th and 30th, 2021. The participants of each group will have to collect their bibs with their confirmation of registration and their identity document, as well as the medical certificate.

    On a special case studied and authorized by the organization, the leader of the group will be able to pick up the bibs of his runners with his identity document as well as all the medical certificates that have not been provided by download and his runner's list.

    Medical certificate 

    To facilitate the management of medical documents and the collection of bibs, you will be able to download on the platform of input of your runners, the medical proof of each of your participants.

    The conformity of the medical proof will be confirmed to you by email after examination and validation emanating from the organization. You will also be informed in case of non-compliance as well as its motive.
    Runners without medical proof attached to their file before October 11, 2021, must provide it when collecting the bibs.


    Participation to "Marseille-Cassis-20km" is subject to mandatory presentation by participants:

    • A 2021-2022 license issued by the FFA and valid at the event's date, "Athlé Compétition", or "Athlé Entreprise", or "Athlé running" (Warning : "Athlé Santé" or "Athlé Encadrement" licenses are not accepted)
    • Or a "Pass J'aime Courir" issued by the FFA and completed by the doctor, valid at the event's date
    • Or a sports license, valid at the date of the event, issued by a Federation only certified (FSGT, FSPN, FFSA, FCD, FFH, UFOLEP, ASPTT, FSCF), on which must appear, the no contraindication for the practice of sport in competition, athletics in competition or running in competition.
    • Or a medical certificate attesting your ability for the practice of "sport in competition" or "Athletics in competition" or "running in competition", dating from less than a year to the date of the competition

    • Foreign participants are required to provide a medical certificate allowing the practice of competitive sport, competitive athletics or running in competition, even if they are licensed for competition issued by an IAAF affiliated federation.
    • No other document can be accepted to attest to the possession of the medical certificate.

    Specific regulations of riders handisport

    For security reasons regarding the profile of the Marseille-Cassis race, the participation of wheelchair athletes is not allowed. Runners reporting another form of disability are not affected by these measures. To ensure their safety and facilitate their departure, the organization asks disabled riders allowed to participate to be known during their registration by mentioning their disability.

    A blind athlete can only benefit from one guide and are inseparable. Registration is mandatory for the rider and his guide. Ensuring the safety of all participants during the event, the organization is forced to make these arrangements and remains assured of the understanding of all.


    Price per person: 60 €
    Minimum booking of 10 runners
    Maximum booking of 100 runners

    We are at your disposal for all details regarding the registration procedure for groups.
    • Secretariat Marseille-Cassis
    • Tél: (+ 33)

    Group Registration - Contact us

    2. Who can sign up ?

    • The race is open to licensed and non-licensed runners born in or before 2004.
    • The final ranking will be determinated by age categories.

    3. How much does it cost to register for the Marseille Cassis 2021 ?

    • Unit price for group registrations
      • € 60 per bib
    • Individual registration fees
      • € 60 per bib (excluding additional options and management fees)
    • Price for individual registrations / Special session for FFA licensees from March 1st at 9 a.m. to March 2nd at 09 a.m.
      • € 55 per bib (excluding additional options and management fees)

    4. How do I pay for my registration ?

    All registrations must be accompanied by a payment:

    • From the website: The registration will be valid thanks to the secure payment by credit card made on the site at the same time as entering your details.
    • CAUTION: no registration will be taken into account if the payment is not validated.

    5. How to obtain a priority bib ?

    3 preferential SAS are set up for the Marseille-Cassis :

    • - 1h20 '/ - 1h30 ' / -1h45 '
    • Any request to access a preferential SAS must imperatively be made during the registration process and accompanied by a proof of performance of less than 1h20, less than 1h30 or less 1h45 made on a half-marathon between September 1st 2021 and October 17th 2022.
    • Acceptance, after examining the proof of performance, is subject to availability of spaces
    • The performance proof should be sent before October 17th 2022 to be downloaded at registration or linked to your " Marseille-Cassis Account ? " from
    • Your performance proof should be readable and downloaded as a PDF or picture (jpg, gif, png , tif, jpeg) file and size less than 2 MB (2 MB = 2000 KB)
    • Sample performance proof : Official race diploma ...

    Scales of time receipts in order to access preferential SAS

    SAS OF LESS THAN 1H20' 36'00'' 1H20'00'' 1H24'00'' 3H03'00''
    SAS OF LESS THAN 1H30' X 1H30'00'' 1H35'00'' 3H25'00''
    SAS OF LESS THAN 1H45'' X 1H45'00'' 1H50'00'' 3H50'00''

    CAUTION : The performances realized on races of type trail will not be admitted as justifying

    In the event of changes in race conditions for health and / or security reasons, the preferential SAS, exclusively awarded on proof of performance, and the associated wave starts may be canceled for the smooth running of the race.

    6. Will I receive a confirmation of my registration ?

    YES, confirmation will be sent by email to all runners October the 24th ou 25th.

    This document will contain the runner's personal data of the runner and the bib number. This will be needed to pick up your race pack.

    7. Is a medical certificate necessary ?

    YES, or you must have a current license and corresponding to the rules of the race. 

    • Registered members of the French Federation of Track and Field (competition, running, pass "J'aime Courir") : Provide your current registration
    • Registered member of FSGT, FSPN, FFSA, FCD, FFH, UFOLEP, ASPTT, FSCF (French Federations) : Provide your current registration where it is clearly stated "ATHLETISM" and the medical authorization
    • Registered member of the French Federation of Track and Field (health-leisure with health option) or Registered member of others federations or non Registered member: Provide a medical certificate dated of less than 1 year and valid until October 30th, 2022 where it must be stated "no contraindication for track and field in competition or running in competition"


    These certificates will be held, either as the original or a photocopy, as proof of the runner's competence and in case of accident.

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