1. Will I receive a confirmation of my registration ?

  • A registration confirmation email will be sent to you instantly after your online registration
  • A "REMOVAL COUPON" of your bib will be sent by email to all runners registered on the monday 21th october or tuesday 22th october 2024.
  • After sending the registration confirmations, you can also download the document online from your personal file accessible from the section "Am I registered?"
  • On this document will be reported the personal data of the runner, so as to be able to check them. This document will be requested when distributing bibs.

2. How can I pick up my race pack (race number and sport bag) ?

In order to be able to pick up your bib, take with you :

  • Your registration confirmation sent by email
  • Your ID
  • If you have not provided via upload, your medical certificate of " no contraindication to practice  athletics competition in Running" (less than one year, valid to 27th of October 2024) or valid license respectively comply with the regulations of the race.

Collection of an individual number by another person :

  • You can mandate another person to collect your number.
  • He/she must have your identity card (or a copy of it), your number collection form, your medical certificate if you have not had it validated beforehand. 
  • A person can only pick up one or two race numbers in addition to his or her own.

    According to FFA regulation: paragraph II-A-4

    Participation to "Marseille-Cassis-20km" is subject to mandatory presentation by participants:

    • A 2023-2024 license issued by the FFA and valid at the event's date, "Athlé Compétition", or "Athlé Entreprise", or "Athlé running" (Warning : "Athlé Santé" or "Athlé Encadrement" licenses are not accepted)
    • Or a "Pass J'aime Courir" issued by the FFA and completed by the doctor, valid at the event's date.
    • Or a sports license, valid at the date of the event, issued by a Federation only certified (FSGT, FSPN, FFSA, FCD, FFH, UFOLEP, ASPTT, FSCF), on which must appear, the no contraindication for the practice of sport in competition, athletics in competition or running in competition.
    • Or a medical certificate attesting your ability for the practice of "sport in competition" or "Athletics in competition" or "running in competition", dating from less than a year to the date of the competition. 

    Foreign participants are required to present :

    • A medical certificate of absence of contraindication to the practice of sport in competition, athletics in competition or running in competition, even if they hold a competition licence issued by a federation affiliated to the IAAF. No other document can be accepted as proof of possession of the medical certificate.

    4. Is there a time limit ?

    Runners have a limit of one hour and a half hours to ascent the "Col de la Gineste " and three hours to complete the whole course. When the vehicle marking the end of race passes, any runners behind must conform to the "normal" rules of the road.

    5. How to run clean?

    By running independently and sorting my waste in the equipment provided by the organizer. 

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