Sunday, October 27, 2024 - Marseille-Cassis - 20 KM

  • 45th edition
  • Distance : 20 Km
  • Starting near the Orange Velodrome / Marseille at 9:00 (details of the race procedure will be confirmed shortly)
  • Proof road registered in the French Federation of Athletics schedule - Label International FFA
  • Proof popular with 20 000 members. Mobilization important human resources: over 800 volunteers (departure - security on the course sponge - Relief - Massage - arrival)
  • Co-organized by the SCO Ste-Marguerite and the city of Cassis


      Once upon a time...

      From the Orange Velodrome to Cassis via the Gineste, it is more than 20,000 runners from all over the world who take the start of Marseille-Cassis traditionally organized on the last Sunday of October.

      Created in 1979 by André Giraud, who fell under the charm of a breathtaking landscape, Marseille-Cassis welcomed just over 700 runners at the start of the 1st edition organized on Sunday, October 28, 1979. this race where the popular and convivial spirit rules welcome every year more and more enthusiasts. They are now nearly thirty times more numerous in the space of four decades ...

      Each year, many "lap time addicts" or simple runners, anonymous or high level runners are initially to launch on this unusual race of 20 kilometers in the heart of the Calanques National Park, nestled between the bay of Marseille and the bay of Cassis. Space of exceptional beauty, the Calanques are also the domain of a biodiversity that is both rich and fragile. Running in these places is an invitation to the greatest respect for nature and the adoption of virtuous actions.

      A real popular event with a festive spirit, Marseille-Cassis has become, over time, a must-attend event, both part of the local heritage but whose fame and recognition extend to the international scene. A recognition confirmed for 5 years by the highest authority of athletics since the International Federation has awarded the Provencal event the "Silver Label" of road races, ranking Marseille-Cassis among the 50 greatest races in the world.

      With family and friends, in a spirit that combines solidarity and competition, run from 18 to over 80, bringing together men and women from all professional backgrounds, the event is today a great multicultural gathering and intergenerational.

      Behind the visible face of Marseille-Cassis, co-organized by the SCO Ste Marguerite and the City of Cassis, nearly 800 volunteers often work in the shadows and spare no effort to make the event a success . On all fronts and at all positions, men and women of all ages are active upstream, during and after the race to coordinate the many sectors of the event. From safety, to supplies through the locker room or the distribution of bibs and departure as the arrival, volunteers are one of the great forces on which Marseille-Cassis is based.

      The longevity of Marseille-Cassis in the landscape of running in the passion that drives runners, volunteers, organizers and the support given to its partners to make Marseille-Cassis the unavoidable road race.

      Recapitulative table of the winners since 1979

      EditionYearWinner SMTimeWinner SFTime
      1 1979 Alain ANGELVY (CMS Marignane - France) 1h15’54 Fabienne RAI (USPEG - France) 1h34’45
      2 1980 Jean-Michel DIRRINGER (Strasbourg - France) 1h07’42 Fabienne RAI (USPEG - France) 1h27’02
      3 1981 Jean-Pierre LOUVET (CMS Marignane - France) 1h07’56 Fabienne RAI (USPEG - France) 1h22’30
      4 1982 Jean-Pierre LOUVET (CMS Marignane - France) 1h07’56 Fabienne RAI (USPEG - France) 1h31’00
      5 1983 Christophe JALAGUIER (ENA Nîmes - France) 1h07’56 P.DENEUVILLE(CMS Marignane - France) 1h22’00
      6 1984 Jean-Pierre LOUVET (CMS Marignane - France) 1h07’37 Roseline VASTINE(SMUC - France) 1h20’30
      7 1985 Tony MARTINS (SCO - France) 1h08’17 Frederique VORAGEN (France) 1h27’00
      8 1986 Tony MARTINS (SCO - France) 1h05’45 Fabienne RAI (France) 1h23’00
      9 1987 Nigel ADAMS (Pays de Galles) 1h04’20 El Hassania DAHRAMI
      10 1988 Mikaël HEILDMAN (RDA) 1h01’52 El Hassania DAHRAMI
      11 1989 Mikaël HEILDMAN (RDA) 1h03’21 Ceri PRITCHARD (Pays de Galles) 1h13’39
      12 1990 Tony MARTINS (CMS Marignane - France) 1h01’29 Ceri PRITCHARD (Pays de Galles) 1h12’57
      13 1991 Joseph VIBOSTOK (Tchécoslovaquie) 1h03’20 Helena BAROSCI (Hongrie) 1h11’23
      14 1992 Bruno LEGER (France) 1h02’12 Olga PARLUC (CEI) 1h13’19
      15 1993 Sammy BITOK (Kenya) 1h02’55 Aléna PETERKOVA (Rep.Tchèque) 1h12’17
      16 1994 Bernard MYUYEKURE (Burundi) 1h01’13 Lula NEGURA (Roumanie) 1h10’32
      17 1995 Laban CHEGE (Kenya) 1h02’00 Marina BELAJEWA (Russie) 1h12’54
      18 1996 Laban CHEGE (Kenya) 1h00’54 Irina KASAKOVA (France) 1h11’00
      19 1997 John GWAKO (Kenya) 1h00’27 Alla ZILIAEVA (Russie) 1h10’34
      20 1998 Hendrik RAAMALA (Afrique du Sud) 1h00’36 Ruth KUTOL (Kenya) 1h10’33
      21 1999 Faustin BAHA (Tanzanie) 1h00’24 Bihrane ADERE (Ethiopie) 1h09’45
      22 2000 David MAKORI (Kenya) 1h00’49 Susan CHEPKEMEI (Kenya) 1h08’30
      23 2001 David MAKORI (Kenya) 1h01’11 Magdalene CHEMJOR (Kenya) 1h09’52
      24 2002 James KWAMBAI (Kenya) 0h59’01 Banwelia MRASHANI (Tanzanie) 1h08’38
      25 2003 Paul BIWOTT (Kenya) 1h00’00 Tehiba ERKESSO (Ethiopie) 1h10’07
      26 2004 Lawrence KIPROTICH (Kenya) 1h02’13 Marina IVANOVA (Russie) 1h12’08
      27 2005 William CHEBON (Kenya) 1h00’37 Fatiha FAUVEL-KLILECH (SCO - France) 1h12’50
      28 2006 John KYUI (Kenya) 1h00’36 Martha KOMU (Kenya) 1h12’34
      29 2007 Wilson CHEBET (Kenya) 0h59’24 Anne BERERWE (Kenya) 1h09’58
      30 2008 Wilson CHEBET (Kenya) 0h59’59 Ines CHENONGE (Kenya) 1h09’39
      31 2009 Dieudonne DISI (Rwanda) 1h00’21 Meseret MENGISTU (Ethiopie) 1h10’34
      32 2010 Philemon LIMO (Kenya) 1h01’34 Diane CHEPKEMOI (Kenya) 1h10’36
      33 2011 Atsedu TSEGAY (Ethiopie) 0h58’05 Lydia CHEROMEI (Kenya) 1h08’13
      34 2012 Edwin KIPYEGO (Kenya) 0h58’12 Mercy KIBARUS (Kenya) 1h07’54
      35 2013 Washium MULLE (Ethiopie) 1h00'09 Josephine JEPKOECH (Kenya) 1h09'13
      36 2014 Titus MBISHEI (Kenya) 0h59'12 Peres JEPCHIRCHIR (Kenya) 1h10'04
      37 2015 Edwin KIPYEGO (Kenya) 0h57'18 Peres JEPCHIRCHIR (Kenya) 1h06'01
      38 2016 Henry KIPLAGAT (Kenya) 0h59'28 Joycilline JEPKOSGEI (Kenya) 1h07'02
      39 2017 Jemal MEKONNEN (Ethiopie) 0h59'16 Edith CHELIMO (Kenya) 1h05'58
      40 2018 Olika ADUGNA (Ethiopie) 1h00'29 Gete ALEMAYEHU (Ethiopie) 1h08'46
      41 2019 Olika ADUGNA BIKILA (Ethiopie) 1h01'10 Brillian Jepkorir KIPKOECH (Kenya) 1h07'54
      42 2021 Felix BOUR (France) 1h01’55 Mekdes WOLDU (France) 1h13'24
      43 2022 Hassan CHAHDI (France) 1h00'43 Addisie Mislenew ANDUALEM (Éthiopie) 1h08'48
      44 2023 Samuel KIBET (Ouganda) 1h00'36 Wede KEFALE (Ethiopie) 1h11'26
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