• Marseille-Cassis was created by SCO Ste Marguerite in 1979 and is co-organized today with the City of Cassis. 


The SCO Ste Marguerite  has been founded in 1936. SCO Ste Marguerite now has nearly 2,500 members in 20 sections :

Athletics, Basketball, Balls, Dance, Sports School, Football, Apparel Gymnastics, Gymnastics, Rhythmic and Sports Gymnastics, Handball, Field Hockey, Karate, Ki Shin Tai, Childhood, Hiking, Senior, Tennis , Bike, Volleyball.

The athletics, swimming, tennis and gymnastics sections are among the most popular with over 200 members per section or more than 300 for athletics and swimming. Sections are also synonymous with performance, particularly in athletics, karate and rhythmic gymnastics with members regularly participating in high-level competitions and having obtained numerous titles as a team and an individual.

The other sections are not left out in terms of participation in local, departmental and regional competitions. It is worth mentioning the field hockey clash between SCO Sainte Marguerite and the British Masounians team in London in September 2005.

The life of SCO Sainte Marguerite's sections is also the means for many of its members to enjoy convivial and fun moments by giving access to various and varied activities for the greatest number of all ages. Thus, we find both activities for seniors and early childhood through hiking and sports school.

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