Your Sport, Health, Wellness Booklet 2021 - "Getting back into sport after a break"

  • Coming back to Marseille-Cassis after a year's break, even if it was imposed on us, was sometimes an opportunity for some to start running again after a period of rest.
    Practising a sport activity constitutes a balance and provides a recognized well-being and it is for this reason that sport has taken a particular place in our lives. But it sometimes happens, for various reasons, whether medical, personal or professional, that we are obliged to temporarily stop practicing our sport, for more or less long periods.

  • It is then necessary, when the time comes, to be vigilant and careful in resuming our activities.
    Because this is an important subject for all athletes, the organizers of Marseille-Cassis wanted to accompany the runners this year on the theme of "resuming sport after a break" through the 2021 version of the booklet "Sport, Health and Well-being" produced for several years with the support of Malakoff Humanis, health partner, and with the help of health and sport professionals.

  • The new edition of this guide provides insight and valuable advice on how to return to sport in the best possible conditions and how to set up a favorable environment to continue your activities safely and sustainably.

Download your 2021 Sport, Health and Wellness booklet now

  • The booklet will also be given to all participants when they pick up their race numbers and changing bags at the Village Expo. 

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