In 2020 and 2021, Marseille-Cassis supports the ODP

  • In 2020, Marseille-Cassis wished to commit itself to the solidarity race, from the opening of its registrations until the day of the race, and to support the ODP, the Œuvre des Pupilles Orphelins et Fonds d'Entraide des Sapeurs-Pompiers de France, which helps orphans of firefighters whose parent has died and the families of firefighters in need.
  • To support the association, runners were offered, for the first time in the context of individual registrations for Marseille-Cassis, to financially support the association and its cause by making a donation of 15€ when registering online. Following the cancellation of the race last year, the organization has renewed its action in 2021 to allow runners to go to the end of the symbolic of their action and thus rally Marseille to Cassis carried by the strength of their commitment to the cause.

  • During this 42nd edition of the Marseille-Cassis race, which took place over two years, €31,000 were donated to the ODP.

  • It is still possible to support this action and to discover the work by going to the Pompiers 13 stand during your passage on the Village Expo. T-shirts for the benefit of the ODP are on sale.

  • To learn more about the ODP:

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