Official Communication 08.12.2020

Dear runners,

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the whole team of Marseille-Cassis has been working on the organisation of the race in order to maintain the race in October 2020, with in particular adaptations to ensure the implementation of sanitary conditions and in compliance with government measures.

Today, several organisational hypotheses have been considered and one of the proposals submitted to the local authorities concerns the setting up of 3 separate Marseille-Cassis races with a volume of 5,000 people and whose starting times will be staggered over the course of Sunday 25 October 2020.

The study of this proposal is currently underway and, in view of the latest directives announced by the French government on 11 August, this organisational model remains feasible in its current state and awaits a favourable response from the authorities.

We are therefore continuing to build this project, which is subject to approval, and we will keep you informed in early September of the final decision as to whether to maintain Marseille-Cassis, with the new procedures, or whether to postpone it until 2021.

Moreover, all the measures communicated on July 27th concerning the management of your registrations in the event of a postponement of the event remain unchanged and the transfer from now on of the 2020 registrations for the October 2021 edition is still active until August 27th at the following address:

We will come back to you soon and until then, we remain at your disposal.


The Marseille-Cassis team

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