In 2024, Marseille-Cassis supports "Le Défi Rose" initiated by the Paoli-Calmettes Institute

During the 45th edition, Marseille-Cassis is once again under the sign of charitable commitment and makes the choice to support this year « Le Défi Rose », initiated by the Paoli-Calmettes Institute to support research on breast cancer.

« Le Défi Rose » is the fundraising campaign launched by the Paoli-Calmettes Institute (IPC) to support breast cancer research throughout the year. Thanks to private generosity, supporting " Le Défi Rose " means investing in innovative research programs.

In a communication process, in order to raise awareness about the fight against breast cancer, and mobilization through a call for donations, Marseille-Cassis also offers to give another dimension to your race by participating in « Défi Rose ». 

In addition to the strong messages relayed by Marseille-Cassis via all of its networks throughout this year 2024 and actions that will be initiated as the race approaches in connection with Octobre Rose, it is proposed that you support the research program by making an optional donation of 10€* in favour of «Le Défi Rose » during each individual online registration. In addition to this support opportunity, the last 1000 places available for Marseille-Cassis 2024 will be offered for sale at the price of 80 €, of which 10 €* will be donated to the IPC for " Le Défi Rose ".

The action undertaken in 2024 by Marseille-Cassis in support of the «Le Défi Rose » is also part of the mobilization initiated by the Caisse d'Épargne CEPAC during the 2023 edition, like the colors worn by its team of runners, and the awareness process on the partner space of the company during the run village.

* Each donor will receive a tax reduction of 66% of the donation amount and a tax receipt from the CPI.

What actions are financed through donations to "Le Défi Rose" ?

Researchers in the predictive oncology team at the Paoli-Calmettes Institute have discovered that breast cancer metastases have exceptional mutation abilities: they are now able to resist treatment. Their research program therefore aims to characterize the different metastases of breast cancers in order to block their mutation and resistance mechanisms and provide the best therapeutic response to patients during the course of the disease. 

Therefore, by donating to the IPC " Défi Rose ", the donor supports a very promising research program and helps increase the chances of recovery for our patients.

About the Paoli-Calmettes Institute (IPC)

Founded in 1925, the IPC was certified by the High Authority of Health (HAH) in 2021 with High Quality of Care, the highest level of certification and accredited Comprehensive Cancer Center by the OECI (Organisation of European Cancer Institutes), in June 2019. With more than 2,000 medical and non-medical staff engaged in the overall management of all cancer pathologies: research, medical and support care, education and training, Institut Paoli-Calmettes conducted more than 100,000 consultations and welcomed nearly 12,000 new patients in 2022. Alongside the IPC, the CRCM is part of a sustainable approach to improving patient management and quality of life through the identification and development of new treatments from innovative research programs in the cancer field. The payment to the IPC is made exclusively on the basis of the social security rates, the overruns of fees are not practiced in the establishment. The IPC, which is a member of the Unicancer network, has established cooperation with some 20 health facilities in the region.

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