The key actions of the Calanques National Park to make your race a success

Dear runners,

You are about to start the Marseille-Cassis race, a mythical race that crosses the Calanques National Park on 12 kilometers and we are delighted to welcome you.
Running in a remarkable and protected natural area is not trivial: the National Park wishes to share with you some key actions to make your race a success.

  • 1/ Follow your route without leaving a trace
    Food and water supplies should not be synonymous with abandoned waste that will end up in the sea. Keep your packaging on you during the race and throw it in the recycling bins provided. We also invite you to stay on the road so as not to trample on the side of the road.

  • 2/ Wear your water, you'll beat the clock!
    To go further in reducing waste, you can run with your water bottle or your "camel-back". Autonomous, with your water on you, it is sure, you will hit the time by saving some precious minutes at the ravitos!

  • 3/ Cross the sound barrier without a sound...
    You will cross magnificent landscapes inhabited by protected species. To avoid disturbing them, respect the quiet zones and do not play music around you.

  • 4/ Go beyond your limits, not those of the planet.
    This race, ambitious by its distance and its difference in altitude, could make you exceed your limits. For the planet, offer a little help by coming by bus, by TER or by carpooling to reduce your carbon footprint.

Have a good race and thank you for your commitment!

The Calanques National Park

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