Contest of Friday, May 13th

  • Marseille-Cassis organizes a contest on May 13th 2022 and offers you the possibility to win a bib for the 2022 edition. To participate, go to the Facebook page of Marseille-Cassis
  • Game available on May 13th, 2022 from 9am to 5pm.
  • Rules of the Facebook contest

"Contest of Friday, May 13th"

Article 1 : the Organizer 

The SCO Sainte-Marguerite, which is the organizer of the Marseille-Cassis, an association under the French law of 1901 whose headquarters are located at 1, Boulevard de la Pugette, 13009 Marseille, (hereinafter "the Organizer"), under the SIRET number 338 954 985 00 28, is organizing a free game with no obligation to buy, the "Marseille-Cassis - Answer the question" contest (hereinafter "the game") according to the terms of the present rules, and accessible from the Facebook page "Marseille-Cassis" ( 

Article 2: Conditions of participation 

2.1. This game is open to members of the Marseille-Cassis page who are at least 18 years old. The Organizer reserves the right to make all necessary verifications concerning the identity, postal address and/or e-mail address of participants. 

2.2. Persons who have not provided full proof of their identity and contact details or who have provided them inaccurately or falsely will be disqualified, as will persons who refuse to accept the collection, recording and use of personal information concerning them that is strictly necessary for the purposes of managing the game. 

2.3. Participation in the game implies full and unconditional acceptance of these rules. Failure to comply with the said rules will result in the automatic cancellation of participation and the awarding of the prize. 

2.4. Any person who has collaborated in the organization of the Contest as well as members of their respective direct families, employees of the Organizer or subcontractors of the Organizer and its affiliated companies are not authorized to participate in the Contest.

Article 3: Participation terms and conditions 

 3.1. On Friday, May 13th, the Organizer will publish on the Facebook page "Marseille-Cassis", a post on a contest Friday, 13th May which aims to win a Marseille-Cassis bib for the 2022 edition. Participants will have until Friday, May 13th, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. to comment on the post, subscribe to our Facebook page and link to the post in the most truthful and explicit manner possible.

3.2. Participants agree not to post any insulting, derogatory, hateful or discriminatory comments. The Organizer reserves the right to delete comments that are not related to the purpose of the contest. Likewise, the Organizer is receptive to offbeat and humorous comments, but reserves the right to remove any irregular comments and to disqualify their authors, in accordance with the Charter of Good Conduct and Moderation for the "Marseille-Cassis" Facebook page, available at the following address: 

3.3. The organizer assumes no responsibility in the event of incorrect transmission of the comment on the publication that is the subject of the contest, for whatever reason. 

3.4. The company reserves the right to exclude from participation in this Game any person who disrupts the proper conduct of the Game, and to take legal action against anyone who has cheated, defrauded, rigged or disrupted the operations described in these rules or has attempted to do so. Any fraud will result in the elimination of the Participant.  In the event of a breach by a Participant, the Organizing Body reserves the right to automatically disqualify any participation by such Participant, without the Participant being able to make any claim whatsoever. 

Article 4: Selection of the winner 

4.1. A winner will be drawn from among the persons who have given the correct answer to the question thanks to a specialized software. The winner will win a bib for the Marseille-Cassis 2022 race.

4.2. The winner will be designated after verification of his eligibility to win the prize and his name or nickname used for his  Facebook account will be published in a comment or publication at the end of the game. The designated participant will be invited to contact the Organizer, initially via the private messaging system on Facebook, and then by e-mail. If participant does not contact the Organizer within 48 hours of the contact and publication of his name/pseudonym in the commentary or end of game publication, he will be considered to have renounced the prize and the prize will remain the property of the Organizer. 

4.3. The winner must comply with these rules and with the 2022 rules of the "Marseille-Cassis" race.  If he does not meet the criteria of these rules and/or the rules of the "Marseille-Cassis" race, the prize will not be awarded to him. The participant authorize all verifications concerning him identity, age, contact information or the loyalty and sincerity of his participation. Any false declaration of identity or address will result in the immediate elimination of the participant. 

4.4. A person who has already won a prize in a "Marseille-Cassis" contest organized in 2022 on the Facebook page is no longer eligible for a second prize. 

Article 5 : Prize 

The winner will receive a race number worth 70 euros (VAT included) for the "Marseille-Cassis" 2022 race.  This number is awarded on a personal basis. The prize is not exchangeable for an object or for any monetary value. Participants are informed that the sale or exchange of their prize is strictly forbidden.   

Article 6: Personal data 

Participants have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning them (article 34 of the French law "Informatique et libertés du 6 janvier 1978"). To exercise this right, participants must contact the Organizer at the following postal address: 1, Boulevard de la Pugette, 13009 Marseille. 

Stamps related to the request will be reimbursed at the slow rate on simple request. 

Article 7: Release of responsibility

The organizing company expressly informs the participants in the game, and the participants in the game acknowledge, that Facebook does not sponsor the game, nor does it manage the game in any way whatsoever. The information provided by the participants in the context of participation in the game is intended for the organizing company, and not for Facebook.

Article 8: Disputes

In order to be taken into account, any disputes relating to the game must be submitted in writing to the Organizer's address, no later than 90 days after the closing date of the game, as indicated in these rules.

In case of persistent disagreement on the application or interpretation of these rules, and in the absence of an amicable agreement, any dispute will be submitted to the competent court of Marseille, to which exclusive jurisdiction is granted.

 Article 9 : Filing    

The rules are available free of charge to any person who requests them at the following postal address: 1, Boulevard de la Pugette, 13009 Marseille. 

Stamps related to the written request for a copy of the rules will be reimbursed at the slow rate on simple request. 

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