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Marseille-Cassis 2019



ARTICLE 1: The 41st edition of Marseille-Cassis is organized 27 October 2019 the SCO Sainte Marguerite in Marseille.

ARTICLE 2: It is expressly stated that runners compete in the race under their own responsibility. The sale of the bib is strictly prohibited. This absolves the responsibility of the organization in case of accidents suffered or caused by this third party during the event. In an accident, the seller and the buyer of the bib will eventually see their responsibility sought. The agent of enrollment management on behalf of a group must inform the participants of the contents of the rules of the race, the race number of the assignment clause and may eventually accident, held responsible sought.

ARTICLE 3: It is strictly forbidden to run without bib and / or photocopied and / or a bib with a previous edition bib. Any offender liable and the organization would be held responsible for accidents suffered or caused by the third party. Moreover, the original runner bib holder that would have made the copy object (s) will be systematically downgraded and the organization reserves the right to take legal action against him.

ARTICLE 4: Civil liability: according to law, the organizers have taken out insurance covering the consequences of their civil liability, those of their representatives and all participants of Marseille-Cassis with MAIF in Niort No. .1806984H. However it is strongly advised to unlicensed participants to take out personal accident insurance policy. We recall that the organization is not responsible for the locker bags or content. It is for each competitor to take the necessary steps to preserve his belongings (including waterproof bag in case of rain).

ARTICLE 5: The organization reserves the right to cancel the event in case of force majeure (bad weather ...).

ARTICLE 6: The race is open to licensed and non licensed riders born in 2000 or before. The age categories will be given a separate classification.

ARTICLE 7: Any commitment is firm and final and can not be subject to reimbursement for any reason whatsoever.

ARTICLE 8: The race is open to runners disabled sports except for chairs. Registration for the event and the presentation of a medical certificate or license compliance is mandatory for all participants (wheelchair and guide).

ARTICLE 9: Participation in the competition is subject to the submission of a license attesting to the issuance of a medical certificate of non-cons to the practice in competition of the discipline for which it was solicited, or for unlicensed presentation of such a certificate or a copy, not older than one year. (Valid to 27 October 2019). Therefore, the bibs may be withdrawn only on presentation of an ID and either: the medical certificate of non-cons to the practice of athletics competition or running competition (the organization will retain the medical certificate) or FFA license valid or from an approved sports federation for the practice of athletics competition.

ARTICLE 10: Numbers can be obtained on presentation of an ID, confirmation of registration and the medical certificate or sporting license under Article 9 of the race rules. No bib will be given the day of the race.

ARTICLE 11: The race number must be entirely visible during the race. In the absence of visible number, the participant may be disqualified.

ARTICLE 12: Road safety is ensured by the National Police and the Gendarmerie, the medical service by the fire brigade and the battalion of Fire Marine. Any physician organization can decide disqualification of a competitor for medical reasons.

ARTICLE 13: Participants will have a maximum time of 1:30 to pass the Col de la Gineste and 3 hours to complete the entire route. After passing the limit vehicle, competitors will be eligible to be classified and must comply with the traffic rules of the Highway Code.

ITEM 14: Bicycles, roller gear and / or motor is strictly forbidden on the course. Chaperones or followers are prohibited. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of the athlete.

ARTICLE 15: The competitor authorizes the organizers and their beneficiaries, such as partners and media to use images or videos on which it may appear, taken during their participation in Marseille-Cassis, in all media, there including promotional materials and / or advertising in the world and for the longest period provided by law, regulations, treaties in force.

ARTICLE 16: You can request not included in the results of the test by checking, upon registration, the box on the registration form

ARTICLE 17: Any competitor acknowledges this Regulation and accept all the clauses. He agrees on the honor not to anticipate the start and to cover the full distance before crossing the finish line.

ARTICLE 18: This Regulation is established in accordance with the regulations of races off stage.


For safety reasons, the Organizing Committee of Marseille-Cassis has taken since 2013 with the control measures for wheelchair riders to not allow the participation of athletes in wheelchairs.

Based on the federal regulation of racing off-stage which is subject Marseille-Cassis, this tough stance also follows the analysis of an accumulation of risk factors for these participants related to the specific profile of the course, the wide variety of used chairs and speed downhill generated by such equipment.

Riders undergoing another form of disability are not affected by these measures.

To ensure their security and facilitate their departure, the organization calls on the wheelchair racers allowed to participate to become known when they sign stating their disability.

A visually impaired athlete can receive only one guide and are inseparable. Registration is compulsory for the rider and his guide.

Ensuring the safety of all participants at the event, the organization is forced to take these and rest assured of the understanding of all.

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