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Marseille-Cassis 2017

The runners of pace

Participating in the Marseille-Cassis is often a personal challenge associated with a specific time objective; it is sometimes difficult though to maintain a constant pace over a distance of more than 20 km where physical effort and tiredness often cloud one's judgement. 

To help you and to avoid the constant clock-watching kilometre after kilometre, the organizers of Marseille-Cassis have, for the 14th year running, organised pace makers.

How does it work ?:

At the start, there will be 8 pacemakers holding four different coloured balloons. Find the colour which corresponds to the time you wish to achieve and adjust your rhythm accordingly.

To refine and work on your training programme, why not try out our pace simulator?

Pace Simulator

Pacemaker simulator - Click on the stopwatch

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